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Principal fabricante de aditivos na Argentina.
Nós trabalhamos para um futuro melhor e mais sustentável.
O mundo se move em direção a uma nova concepção da química

Our company produces chemicals using raw materials and processes that conform to technical, economic and environmental requirements. We believe that sustainability is a key factor in development of our activities and we manufacture intermediate and specialty chemical products using both renewable (oleochemistry) and petrochemical raw materials.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Manufacturing better products and providing better services to ensure customer satisfaction while preserving the environment and ensuring safety and health.

This policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Maintenance of a Comprehensive Quality, Occupational Safety and Health and Environment Management System compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  2. Continuous improvement of the Comprehensive Management System and of processes to enhance effectiveness, to increase customer satisfaction and to prevent environmental pollution and occupational injuries and illnesses.
  3. Meeting the requirements established by customers and applicable law, as well as other undertakings relating to products, activities and services.
  4. Identification, assessment and control of health and safety risks, as well as environmental aspects associated with the company’s operations, products and services.
  5. Setting of Quality, Occupational Safety and Health and Environment Objectives that reinforce this policy and our commitment.
  6. Introduction of new products to satisfy our customers’ needs.
  7. Allocating trained and qualified personnel to the various company activities, promoting their involvement and commitment to the Management System and performance of the organization.
  8. Contribute to training, awareness and involvement of contractors’ personnel in connection with Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health issues.
  9. Ensure completeness of test data obtained and reported. This commitment is developed in a framework of profitability and growth of the Company.